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Here is a list of the H+P MVP awards as voted by the team in an anonymous ballot. The MVP award is given to the athlete who displays excellence in team dedication, athletic performance/improvement, team spirit, and who has had a positive impact their fellow H+P teammates.


Females: Emily Hunter

(2nd: Robyn Collins, 3rd: Valery Hobson)

Males: Nick Burt

(2nd: Jonathan Fugelsang, 3rd: Dave Rutherford


Females: Valery Hobson

(2nd: Robyn Collins, 3rd: Erin McClure)

Males: Dave Rutherford

(2nd: Sam Lalonde, 3rd: TIE Jordan Schmidt & Nick Burt)


Females: Kailey Haddock

(2nd: Valery Hobson, 3rd: Cari Rastas Howard)

Males: Sam Lalonde

(2nd: Adam Hortian, 3rd: TIE RunnerRob & Nick Burt)


Females: Helen Broom

(2nd: Emily Hunter, 3rd: Kailey Haddock)

Males: Brendan Hancock

(2nd: RunnerRob, 3rd: Dave Rutherford)


Females: Valentina Taiakina

(Helen Broom and Heidi Cica runners up)

Males: Greg Dyce

(Mike Piazza and Dragan Zubac runners up)


(most dedicated award at this time)

Females: Helen Stubbs and Heidi Cica (tie)

Males: Dragan Ball Zubac