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Project Description

Sam Lalonde

Data Specialist

Sam (aka Whiz Kid) is H+P’s data and analytics specialist. If there are numbers to crunch, he’s your man. He is the brains and brawn behind our H+P ranking website. He has a bachelor’s degree in math from the University of Waterloo and currently works in IT at Blackberry (when not working on the rankings page). He has been running since 2011 and joined H+P in 2014. He has since taken 1,2 9 and 20 minutes off his 5, 10, half and 30K PBs respectively. He is hunting for a sub-20 5K and sub 1:30 half marathon.

20:13 (5K)
44:14 (10K)
1:35:08 (half)
2:28:00 (30k)