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Mike Piazza

Inducted May 1st, 2017

H+P career highlights:

One of the original founding members of H+P, he is a staple in all of our early team competitions and rosters. H+P would not be where it is today without Mike!

Mike is always a leader with effort, performance and spirit. He was the front man in many team events/initiatives, including the epic #MikeVsDave challenge of 2014, and coming back from early retirement to help his team win the tightly contested 2016 ENDURrun team competition.

Mike was one of the first runners to be featured in our H+P spotlight.

Performance highlights:
Mike went from being unable to break 20 minutes in a 5K, so running a 17:58PB in 2015.

His 1:26 half and 3:08 full marathon PBs were also significant improvements and top career performances.

Future Plans:

Mike has completed a PhD in biochemistry at the University of Waterloo. He is now pursuing a job in his field of work in Welland, Ontario.

Helen Broom

Inducted September 1st, 2015

H+P career highlights:

Was among the top 2 in voting for the H+P MVP award in the first 3 years of its existence, and every year she was with the club (Winner in ’12, ’14; Runner up in ’13)

Assistant coach in cycling- known for her grueling early AM sessions

She was apart of the women’s ENDURrun record breaking team in 2014 and then again in 2015

Performance highlights:

Dropped her 55minute 10K down to 43:56, and her 30K ATB dropped from 2:46 down to 2:31

She was known for NEVER missing a practice for 4 years, and being a tremendously supportive, loyal and irreplaceable teammate

Future Plans:

She has completed a PhD in biochem at UW, and is now pursuing more graduate studies at the University of Toronto.

Heidi Cica

Inducted February 1st, 2015

H+P career highlights:

2xTeam female MVP (2012, 2013)

One of the original founding members, consistently practicing with the team from 2011-2015

Future Plans:

Heidi is moving with her family to California to enjoy life on the West Coast!

Pat Mulherin

Inducted September 1st, 2014

H+P career highlights:

2014: Part of the YS10K winning team- H+P’s first big-city race victory.

Part of the epic MikeVsDave battle where team Dave won by mere seconds.

Part of the 2nd place winning 2014 H+P ENDURrun team.

Future Plans:

He has complete a Masters in UW in engineering, and his pursuing more grad work on the west coast.

Florian Ong

Inducted October 2nd, 2013

H+P career highlights:

2012: Florian competed in 10 duathlons, winning 4 overall, placing 2nd overall in 6. He competed for Canada at the 2012 World Duathlon championships, coming in 2nd for all Canadians in his category.

2013: Florian competed for H+P in the Re-fridgee-8er 8-mile team, breaking 49 minutes, and helping them to a dominant win. He also competed for the H+P men’s team at ENURrun, helping the team finish in 2nd place. Florian also placed 12th at the 2013 Duathlon World Championships, once again placing 2nd out of all Canadians in his AG. As of 2013, he is one of only five H+P athletes to break the 7-minute barrier at the H+P Summer TT.

Future plans:

Florian has completed a post-doc at the University of Waterloo in the field of quantum physics. He is moving on to pursue his research somewhere TBA in Europe.