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Project Description

Dr. Sean Delanghe

Head Coach, Chiropractor and Co-Founder

Dr. Sean is a chiropractor from Waterloo with a keen interest in athletic injuries and performance. He has a BSc. (Hons) in biology, chemistry and philosophy, and is a NCCP trained coach. He has competed all over the place in the endurance world including the Berlin, Boston, Chicago and NYC marathons, the AG duathlon world championships (’12 and ’13), becoming the duathlon provincial champion in ’16, and has competed at the provincial level in track, cross-country running, mountain biking and cross-country skiing.  He also raced with the WLU varsity cross-country team during his undergraduate university years.

All that being said, racing is his hobby, while working as a chiropractor and coach are his professions.  He takes the responsibilities of both seriously and puts in the work to make sure his patients and athletes are receiving the highest possible quality, evidence-based care.

For more information, visit his personal website

Contact: seandelanghe@gmail.com

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