10K Recap


The 10K was a crazy-humid sufferfest..but H+Pers persevered!  Check out our full results here.  


On the battle frontRobyn ran the 2nd fastest women’s time of the day, coming in at 42:18.  This was 3 minutes faster than Jeff of the Maters Men and his outstanding 45 minute 10K, and 1 minute faster than Mike of #TeamNick.  The Maters Men now sit 17 minute back in this challenge still comfortably in 3rd, while the #TeamNick is still within striking distance in 2nd, 10 minutes back.  Going into the longest stage- the marathon- this is still anybody’s game!

Jordan Schmidt of #TeamGreg had a very solid 38 minute 10K performance despite just coming off of injury.  He was the fastest relay time of the day, and brought #TeamGreg to within  21 minutes of the podium and 27 minutes of #TeamNick in that challenge!  

In the Team Switzer vs. Team Prefontaine Dragan and Mike Hewitson were very evenly matched with a mere 43 seconds separating the two athletes.  Team Switzer looks primed to take the win in this challenge heading into the marathon, currently sitting in 7th while Team Prefontaine sits in 9th.

Jaime of the FUN-atics came in with a very solid 70 minute 10K!


With Robyn’s great 42 minute 10K, the ladies gained another 3.5 minutes on the pace set by last year’s record breaking team, so the Women’s A-Team  are now 21 minutes ahead of record pace!

With Jeff’s very solid 45 minute 10K, the Men’s Masters team are a mere 2:39 behind record paceand definitely within striking distance of the record!


In the overall standingsthe Women’s A-team still sits in first, 10 minutes ahead of #TeamNick and 17 minutes ahead of the Masters Men who sit int he 3rd.  #TeamGreg is very comfortable in 4th after Jordan’s relay-best 10K, and H+P is looking to be in a strong position to finish 1,2,3,4- a feat we have never done before!


In the ultimate competition, VZ ran 45 minutes to holder her position in 2nd OA in the women’s competition.  Andrew continues to grind away, running 49 minutes, good to hold his 21st position.  Tammy sits in 35th after her 1:03 10K- how is she doing this off of basically no training?!


The final stage is finally here!  42.2K of pain separates these teams and their quest to conquer the 160K ENDURrun.  This is the first time ever that really, we don’t know the order of our top 3 with an outside chance of even our 4th team making a move onto the podium.

Up for the ladies is Vicky Siemon, who won last years Ultimate competition.  She is looking to hold onto the team’s 10 minute lead over #TeamNick and 17 minute lead over the 3rd place Masters Men team.  With the ladies holding over a 21 minute lead in the event record, she is also hoping to run strong enough to build on this lead and officially set a new mark that is tough for future teamt to chase.

#TeamNick is being anchored by the man himself who this team was named after- Nick Burt.  Coming off of a 3:05 marathon in training followed by the #SummerTT win 1 day later, there is no doubt that Nick has the potential to bring his team to the top of the podium

#TeamGreg is in a slight deficit, but is anchored by one of H+P’s top ranked runners, Coach Dyce.  With just over 20 minutes separating his team from the podium, while he be able to drag his crew into the prize money?  He is also powered by the birth of his daughter just a few days before- will this provide the extra energy needed to excel on race day?

Holger, the human metronome is up the the Masters men.  He is just coming off a Chicopee and 10K TT as he is racing the Sport, but if anybody can hold this team in 3rd, and help them to overtake the 2 minute deficit to set an event record, he’s the man!

Graham Dunn (former H+P Masters #SumemrTT record holder) and Val T (former H+P women’s marathon record holder) are up for Team Switzer and Team Prefontaine.  Both of these athletes are capable of very strong marathons.  Can Val bring Team Switzer up into 6th OA?  Can Graham bring Team Prefontaine up form 9th?

Finally, holding down the fort for the FUN-atics is Andrew Heij, one of our Ultimates!

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