2016 ENDURrun H+P Team FUN-atics

It’s time to announce the last of our 7 #HPendur teams – H+P Team FUN-atics!


This is one of the most important teams for us since H+P is all about creating an environment where athletes can push their limits and improve regardless of ability AND what the definition of “limit” is!  We don’t recruit already fast runners to make us look good, we take every runner who wants to work, and as a team, we get better together!

Sure, we like to attempt to break records and pursue the highest level of performance, like with our Women’s A Team.  But, we also want to make sure our athletes have a fun way to race at their best without having the pressure of dropping a certain time..and that’s what the H+P FUN-atics are primed to do!  No team competition, just hunting personal bests, and pushing the limits of what was once thought of as impossible.  This is going to be one epic, pain-filled week for the FUN-atics!

Follow the H+P ENDURrun team challenges starting August 7th!

Here’s how H+P Team FUN-atics stacks up:

2016 endurrun team funatics-02


Stage 1: Half Marathon

Name: Shalon Wagner
Age: 31
Height: 5’11
Proud PBs: Sub 30-minute 5k!!
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: My first run with H+P and the awesome welcome I got stepping out of the car from a fellow H+Per I don’t even know.


Stage 2: 15km TT

Name: Sandi Swan
Age: 40
Height: 5’8
Proud PBs: Niagara Falls Womans Half Marathon PB on June 5th 2016
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: Impromtu H+P 5k Track TT


Stage 3: Bechtel 30km

Name: Jennifer Merrett
Age: 36
Height: 5’11
Proud PBs: Summerfast 10k
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: Relay races at the Christmas Party!


Stage 4: 10-mile Wilmot

Name: Samantha Wiebe
Age: 28
Height: 5’7
Proud PBs: My first 1/2 marathon – Marden
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: 1 min repeats or chit chats on the Saturday morning LR


Stage 5: Chicopee 25.6km Alpine

Name: Trevor Boss
Age: 31
Height: 6’0
Proud PBs: 2016 Waterloo Half
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: Monday Bechtel runs!


Stage 6: 10km TT

Name: Jaime Lynn
Age: 39
Height: 6’1
Proud PBs: My first sprint distance triathlon
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: I love them all!


Stage 7: Marathon

Name: Andrew Heij
Age: 35
Height: 5’9
Proud PBs: Sulphur Springs 50 Mile – 2nd overall 7:53:09
Favourite H+P Workout/Event: If I actually show up?…Bechtel by far….trail is my happy place always!

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