The time has come!  We’ve been conservative in our approach from the start (thank you for the support).  This is how we’re going to do it in a responsible way.  Everything will start August 17th!

(1) Complete the Waiver HERE:

(2) Physical distancing outside of your bubble must be maintained (no high fives, no physical contact of any type, no running within 2m of a fellow athlete). In order to achieve this we are going to break down the group into smaller groups.

  • Warm-up on your own
  • 22:00min or slower 5K, show up warmed at 6:45 pm ready to workout 
  • 22min or faster 5K, show up warmed up at 6:55pm ready to workout 
    • This may change depending on total number of participants

Each of these groups will be further broken down into small groups of 2-5.

(3) In your small group of 2-5, that 2m physical distancing still must be maintained.

(4) Masks are not required while running.  Coaches will be wearing masks.

(5) Planning on coming to a workout?  Complete this google sheet including a COVID questionnaire before each session you attend.  This will help us to keep tabs on everybody who attends each practice in the event that we have a positive test from a member.  We will also be monitoring with a paper backup during practice.

That’s it for now. See you Monday!



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