H+P Performance Standards

Recently at H+P we released a set of performance standards to help recognize our hard-working athletes and their achievements.  Click HERE to see the complete set of standards.

This post is intended to give you all the details on what it takes to become an A, B or C standard athlete!


Hit one of these tough standards, and you are awarded with a signed certificate from Coach Sean and Coach Gill.  This is the same certificate you will receive if you hit a PB standard.  Do not let the “C” fool you, these standards are extremely challenging to achieve.  These athletes will also be featured in a list on our standards page.certificate h+p


For every B Standard that you hit, you will be awarded with this H+P award ribbon.  These standards are extremely tough, and collecting even one ribbon will be an award of a lifetime for most.  These athletes will also be honoured with being featured in a photograph on our standards page.  

b standard ribon


Unlike the C awards, if an athlete shows impressive range and achieves all 4 B-Standards, they will be crowned as a “B-Standard Champion.”  The few who achieve this award will exhibit extremely impressive ability mixed with impressive range.  As such, B-Standard Champions will be few and far between.  These athletes will receive a silver B-Standard Champion medallion shown below along with being labelled on our standards page. b standard medal copy


The A-Standards are extremely challenging to hit, and even when talent meets good training, the required level of performance may still be out of reach.  Becoming an A-Standard athlete in any distance is truly a remarkable feat, and as such these athletes will be awarded with the below special medallion for each distance standard achieved.  These athletes will also be featured with a larger picture on our standards page, along with  being honoured with a personal profile post on our social media outlets. a standard ribbon


Is there anybody out there who can hit all 4 A-Standards?  It may seem like an almost impossible task, but if you manage to do it, we’re ready for you!  If you hit all 4 A-Standards, you will be crowned as an “A-Standards Champion.”  These individuals are truly elite runners across a wide range of distances, and will be awarded with the below silver dish.  These individuals will also receive a lifetime free membership to Health and Performance!


Happy training and standard chasing friends!  For more details and rules, check out the following information:

Complete Rules:

(1) You must be a registered H+P member at the time of the performance to be eligible.

(2) These standards are not retroactive.  You must achieve the standard moving forward since their inception in 2017.

(3) Rare instances of performances occurring before 2017 may be recognized in unique circumstances (i.e. if you can convince the coaches you will never hit a certain PB again).

(4) An athlete who becomes a masters athlete is now recognized as a separate person.

(5) A masters athlete is eligible for the regular standards of their gender once they have hit their respective A-standard, but not throughout the B’s and C’s (i.e. A masters man running a 16:50 5K is honoured with the masters men’s A- standard, but not the men’s B-standard.  That same individual is eligible to chase the men’s A standard of sub 16 at this point).

(6) Once women have completed an A-Standard, they are eligible to chase and be recognized under the men’s Standards that are greater than the women’s A-standard.  Duplicate awards with a special note on the back are provided in the cases presented in 6 & 7.

(7) Completing a standard higher then the one you currently hold will result in you being removed form the list of the lower standard.

(8) Completing all 4 standards within a given level will earn you the right to be recognized as a “CHAMPION” of that specific range.  Special awards will be provided in the case of B and A-Standard Champions.

(9) A-Standard Champions will earn lifetime free membership to H+P

(10) You must beat the standards, not simply match them.

(11) Courses must be certified.

(12) Track races are acceptable.

(13) Equivalent performances are not accepted- you must run one of the 4 distances.

(14) For the PB standards, the time difference will go based on what your PB was as of the date you first joined H+P.

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