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Here at H+P we are always looking for ways to make the club better for all.  Our goal is to always give our athletes the tools they need to be faster, more injury resistant, and happier!  That is why today we are so excited to launch our H+P strength program.

As with other components of H+P, we always want what we offer to be accessible, affordable, flexible, and of the highest possible quality.  We want:

-Highly educated coaches who provide evidence-based training options- no guessing!

-We never want cost to be an excluding factor

-We want to provide flexibility and a variety of options- it’s not just our way or the highway

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Due to a lack of man power, we simply could not bring this plan to fruition for strength work over the last few years..until now!  With the help of our new physiotherapist and strength coach, Kayla Ng, achieving all of these goals with a strength component to the club is now a reality! Kayla and Coach Sean will plan every session together to make sure each athlete is being taken care of to the best of our abilities. Here are the options:

(1) Keep doing what you’re doing!

 Do you have a personal trainer, or your own person strength plan that you’re happy with? Works for us!

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-A well researched, progressive, evidence based strength and stability plan for the lower limbs and core to help prevent injury and boost performance

-7:00pm on Thursdays at Delanghe Chiropractic & Health

-Planned by Coach Sean and Kayla Ng, led by Kayla

-1 hour in duration WITH a plan of what to do throughout the week while not in the class

-A free option for those worried about price (thank you Kayla!)

-An 8 week block with outcome measures at the beginning and end to monitor progress

-Specific for runners, but not completely customized to the individual given the group setting

-Space is limited, e-mail to reserve your spot now!

-Start Date: Feb. 9th, 2017


-When your coach knows your specific deficiencies (i.e. weak right hip extension) or injury tendencies (i.e. recurring left ITB syndrome), the strength plan can be even MORE specific, customized, and tailored to your needs.

-These small group, customized sessions designed by Kayla Ng and Coach Sean will be far above and beyond what you can get elsewhere because of the specificity and evidence-based approach.  The small group set up allows for lower cost and more fun for those who like working in groups!

-These plans will be primarily body weight, light weight and resistance tubing exercises (no heavy weights)

-Group Size: 2 or 3 athletes (come in with a friend, or we can pair people up with similar needs)

-Duration: 8 Weeks, 1×30 min session/week.  The coaches will provide an at-home plan as well.

-Cost: $20/ half hour session for the 3 person class, $30/ person/ half hour session for the 2 person class

-When: Options on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30pm-7:00pm

-YES these are covered under your physiotherapy benefits 

-Screening: We need to know what your specific needs are!  Each athlete will receive a 30 minute initial exam ($51, once again covered under your PT benefits) and functional screen before being entered into the program.  If you are an existing patient this session is likely not required.



For those who require personal help, both Coach Sean and Kayla will provide 1-on-1 strength plans and in-person sessions covered under your extended health benefits.

SO there you have it – as Coach Sean has written about here and here, and as Kayla has written about here, strength work is a very important component to enhancing performance and decreasing the chances of injuries.  Hopefully these options will help those lacking in this type of training to inject it into their schedule!




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