Stage 1: Half Marathon

Name: Harold O’Krafka
Age: 49
Height: 6’2″
Proud PBs: 2015 Endurrun Ultimate (15:55:54), Chicago Marathon 2013 (3:47:36)
Favourite Workout: 1 minute repeats
Howie’s secret: up before 5, down before 10


Stage 2: 15km TT

Name: Luke Ehgoetz
Age: 43
Height: 6′
Proud PBs: 36:12 10K
Favourite Workout: anything with Health and Performance!
Luke’s secret: success after 40 is believing you’re still not too old to get faster. At age 43, I set a new Muskoka 70.3 PB…..boom!


Stage 3: Bechtel 30km

Name: Dave Rutherford
Age: 52
Height: 6’2″
Proud PBs: ENDURrun 2012 11:37:31, Niagara Ultra 2015 Half Marathon 1:22:03
Favourite Workout: Tempo
Dave’s secret: Eat a handful of almonds every day. (Dave Scott masters advice I read in Triathlon I think, about the only consistent thing I’ve done for a dozen years so that must be it!)


Stage 4: 10-mile Wilmot

Name: Brian McGrath
Age: 46
Height: 5’8
Proud PBs: Re-Fridgeee-Eighter PB so far and counting
Favorite Workout: long run work-out
Brian’s secret: less beer more rye, early mornings early evenings, say “yes” more than “no”


Stage 5: Chicopee 25.6km Alpine

Name: Jonathan Fugelsang
Age: 45
Height: 5’9″
Proud PBs: 18:21 5k, 7:30 2.2k TT
Favourite Workout: Hill repeats
Jonathan’s secret: make time to cry each day


Stage 6: 10km TT

Name: Jeff Martin
Age: 41
Height: 6′
Proud PBs: 5k 19:59, Endurrun Half 1:33:19
Favorite Workout: Hill sprints
Jeff’s secret: No carbs until after race season & protein shake after every workout


Stage 7: Marathon

Name: Holger Kleinke
Age: 49
Height: 6′
Proud PBs: 50k Niagara Falls 3:53; Endurrun 12:43:42
Favourite Workout: long tempo runs
Holger’s secret: run more miles and don’t forget to lift weights.

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