Fall 5K Classic

Oh man!  What a day at the 2018 Fall 5K Classic!  The performances from the team BLEW coach Sean’s mind from top-to-bottom.  Downside?  We’re not going to be able to give everybody the credit they deserve, but we shall do our best!  Here are some highlights from each race!  By the way, take some of the results with a grain of salt as some athletes were stopped by the police for traffic during the race.

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Our Results

H+P 1st Time A- Standard Achievers (since their inception)

Brendan Hancock- 15:42

Aidan Rutherford- 15:51

Graham Stonebridge- 15:58

Dem Neumann- 16:50 (masters)

Val Hobson- 18:03 (masters

** YES you will all get your own individual post…well earned!



H+P 1st Time B- Standard Achievers (since their inception)

Greg Dyce- 16:41

Alex Tohivsky- 16:53


H+P 1st Time C- Standard Achievers (since their inception)

Ian Grzegorczyk- 17:34

Josh Lucrezi- 17:47

Andrew McAlorum- 17:56

Jon Finn- 18:13 (masters)

Merzi Dastoor- 18:24 (masters)

Eric Lucko- 18:54 (masters)

Rebecca Kruisselbring- 19:38

Janice Cooper- 19:34

Christine Darragh- 21:05 (masters)


Career Bests (i.e. best race ever across all distances):

Jon Redfearn- 15:24

Aidan Rutherford- 15:51

Graham Stonebridge- 15:58

Jon Fugelsang- 16:38

Dem Neumann- 16:50

Alex Tohivsky- 16:53

Ian Grzegorczyk- 17:34

Josh Lucrezi- 17:47

Andrew McAlorum- 17:56

Val Hobson- 18:03

Merzi Dastoor- 18:24

Robyn Collins- 18:28

Matt Harrop- 18:31

Eric Lucko- 18:54

Brian McGrath- 19:15

Rebecca Kruisselbrink- 19:38

Janice Cooper- 19:34

Sam Lalonde- 19:44

Jessica Schmidt- 20:39

Kayla Ng- 20:39

Kristin Marks- 21:02

Chris Rhydderch- 21:32

Erin Schmidt- 21:29

Gail Delanghe- 26:04

Will Spaetzel- 25:57

Meredith Hunter- 26:11

Kate Clements- 26:19

Jen Tomlinson- 27:01

Holly Rutherford- 29:30

Laura Jonson- 33:48

WOW congrats everbody, what an amazing race.




Our Results



We had 4 athletes throw down in this race!  Huge props to Larry on achieving the H+P B standard and placing 3rd OA! Congrats to Tyler Dalton on hitting a career best of 48:20.



Our teams absolutely lit up in an unexpected way!


The H+P Men’s team (Brendan, Aidan, Graham, Greg Dyce, Nick) finished 1st with an average time of 16:14! Wow!

The H+P Master men continue to show time is just a number.  Jon F, Dem (both sub 17), Luke, Dave and Merzi finished 2nd with a 17:41 average!

H+P Up-and-Comers came in 3rd OA.  Ian, Josh, Andrew, Jon Finn, Matt posted an average time of 18:05!

The H+P women’s team continues to show that telling somebody they run like a girl is a COMPLIMENT.  Erin, Val, Robyn, Rebecca and Janice posted an average time of 18:33 goo for 4th and best all-women’s team.

The H+P Parent Child team was a fun mix if our members and their kids.  Sam L, Jessica Schmidt, Jonah Schmidt, Erin Schmidt and Angelika finished with a strong 21:21 average, brining them in 5th OA!

H+P Fast-N-Furious came up on top in their team challenge, placing 7th OA.  Brian, Kristin, Terry, Will and Jenn posted a great average of 23:08.

BUT H+P 2Fast2Furious sure made things interesting! Finishing in 8th, Ernie, Chris, Denis, Mar and Kate posted an average time of 23:19…only 11s average behind their competitors in 7th!

H+P Masters women, despite some of their top runners posting times for the women’s team, still ran very well.  Christine, Tracey, Michelle, Candice and Heidi posted an average time of 24:03!

H+P 3: Tokyo Drift were 10th with great runs from Reza, Ed, Julie, Meredith and Laura, finishing with an average of 24:56.

Finally a HUGE props to our affiliated Delanghe Chiro & Health beginner run group who posted a great average of 29:59 with Susan, Lindsay, Scott, Robert and Rose posting times in the top 5!



Schmidt Mom + Son were the 1st from our club to cross the line in 5th OA (Jonah, Erin), running 21:33.

Schmidt Dad + Daugter were in 6th for the team with a great average of 22:43.

Crash-n-Bash (Sam and Weston) finished 9th with an average of 26:10.

Delanghe Family Fun (Gail Delanghe and Coach Sean) were in next in 26:15.

Flash-n-Fash (Ruby and Carrie) had great runs averaging 31:03 finishing 15th.



Delanghe Chiro & Health, despite Sean’s Slacking, finished in 3rd with great runs from Emily, Kayla and Amanda, resulting in an average time of 22:16.


What an amazing race!  Thank  you team for giving us everything you have.  Onwards to the next one!



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