H+P Team Apparel

H+P team apparel has changed slightly since our first announcement. Unfortunately, the Saucony team apparel ran out of stock almost immediately – so we’re unveiling our replacement options! If you placed an order for the out-of-stock Saucony apparel, or if you missed out on the original order, let us know by August 30th, 2018 if you would like to order the NEW team apparel (there’s lots of stock this time – don’t worry)!

Deadline to order: August 30th, 2018

The only gear that we are not able to replace is the Women’s Crop Top. Men’s & Women’s Shorts, Men’s L/S Shirt, and Men’s & Women’s Hoodies have all been replaced:


Women’s Running Short: $35

saucony proofs replacements-02

Lightweight Hoodie: $50

saucony proofs replacements-01


Long Sleeve Running Shirt: $45

saucony proofs replacements-04

Men’s Running Shorts: $40

saucony proofs replacements-05

Men’s Fleece Hoodie: $50

saucony proofs

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