H+P Athlete of the Month: August, 2018


Here at H+P we are super excited to start doing a better job of honouring the people who help to make our club possible.

One way we wanted to do that was to start giving out a H+P athlete of the month award. And this athlete is not just chosen at random! Our 2017 MVPs and 4 runners up as voted by our members along with coach Sean and Gill anonymously vote on the athlete they feel best exemplifies:

-An amazing level of performance (which can mean from a pure performance standpoint OR personal improvement)

-Contribution to the club in a way that makes it better for all

-Actions that help to make our members feel good, stay motivated and continue to strive toward our goal of bringing athletes of all abilities together

On that note, the winner for August 2018…


43292844285_c071871a84_k (1)

The major highlight for Rebecca this past month revolved around her performance at the ENDURrun.  Throughout the 7 stages, she was able to improve on her time in every single one culminating in a grand total of 1 hour and 51 minutes of improvement over 2017!  Wow!  Not only this, at the end of the week she PB’ed the marathon and BQ’ed- a dream she’s been chasing for a while!

The fun doesn’t stop there!  Her 10K and 15K (both within the ENDURrun week) were her 2nd and 3rd career best 5K equivalents at the time.

Then, 1 week later, she placed 3rd OA at the Run Waterloo Runway 2-Miler.

To top it off, she’s a great teammate, always has a smile on her face, and a positive influence on everybody around her.

Congrats Rebecca!

val rob

A HUGE congrats goes out to our runners up this month.  It’s safe to say that this vote was impossible- ACTUALLY impossible to do properly this month.  These two ladies are heros- Val won the entire ENDURrun with strong runs all week and an absolutely EPIC performance at Chicopee.  She also bettered her pervious best (which was already crazy fast) by almost 30 minutes!  Robyn placed 2nd OA winning 3 stages outright.  To top it off, both finished with H+P masters women’s B-Standards in the marathon.

Oh, and did we mention that these ladies are masters athletes?  Thank you for being great athletes and inspiring us.

OH, and sucks to be too humble to vote for yourself- which these ladies both were 😛

Onwards to September!