Welcome to our OFFICIAL beginner run coaches!

Anybody who runs with H+P knows we welcome and have a place for athletes of all abilities.  That being said, sometimes it doesn’t always look that way from the outside!

So, to make things more seamless for new runners, especially those who feel “too slow” (HINT- you’re not), we’re excited to have our official beginner run coaches Will Spaetzel and Meredith Hunter!

Aside from being super friendly and encouraging athletes, they also lead by example and have both taken their personal running to the next level over the last few years.  For instance, Will has gone from a regular high-20s to 30 minute 5K to running an incredible 23:53 this fall.  Check out more about them on their personal profiles.

They will be leading our beginner runs as part of our 6:30pm Monday practices.  From run-walk plans, to showing new runners our routes, to even helping athletes understand how to ease into the official workouts, Will and Meredith know what’s up!

A huge thanks to these two for going above and beyond to make life better for all of us!

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