2018 Remember Run

Remember when we said it was offseason?  Well…we kind of lied!  A big part of the squad was back in action at the 2018 Run Waterloo RememberRun!  Here’s how we did:




Our Results


The times are a little off with there being a stoppage due to a train, but the placings don’t lie!

Ian was in first for the team, finishing second OA and 1st in his AG.

Peter was in next for the team finishing 4th OA and also 1st in his AG.

Dave Rutherford made it 3 H+Pers in the top 10, placing 6th OA and also winning his AG.

Andrea had a solid race, finishing 1st overall for women and 13th OA in the race!

Mike was in next with a very solid 55:57, good for 1st in his category!





Our Results


Simon had a great race for the squad, coming in 8th OA with a 19:20 finish time.

Brad Schroeder ran a solid 19:27, good for 9th OA and 1st in his AG.

Robyn was our lone woman in the race, placing 2nd OA for women, 1st in her AG with a time of 20:02.

Reza had a solid 20:13 finish time, good for 15th OA and 1st in his AG.

Tyler had a very solid CAREER BEST performance on a tough course with a time of 22:27, finishing 1st in his AG.

Denis Allen had a strong showing, throwing down a 22:33 and finishing1st in his AG.

Paul had a strong race as well, crossing the line in 23:52 and placing 2nd in his AG.

Derek and Jordan had a great idea to raise awareness for the challenges faced by those visually impaired.  Derek guided Jordan while he was blind folded, finishing in a time of 38:36!


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