H+P Athlete of the month: October 2018

Here at H+P we are super excited to start doing a better job of honouring the people who help to make our club possible.

One way we wanted to do that was to start giving out a H+P athlete of the month award. And this athlete is not just chosen at random! Our 2017 MVPs and 4 runners up as voted by our members along with coach Sean and Gill anonymously vote on the athlete they feel best exemplifies:

-An amazing level of performance (which can mean from a pure performance standpoint OR personal improvement)

-Contribution to the club in a way that makes it better for all

-Actions that help to make our members feel good, stay motivated and continue to strive toward our goal of bringing athletes of all abilities together

On that note, the winner for October 2018…



What a month it’s been for Reza!  It all started with a new road 5KPB of 19:42 at the Fall 5K Classic.  Then, a week later he posted a 3:06 marathon in Toronto which was 5 minutes PB from earlier in the year.  He wasn’t done there!  Then, a week later he ran just under 60K of trails at the Horror Hill 6-hour race.

Now, you may be asking yourself, he must have earned some days off, right?  WRONG!  Reza has been maintaining 10K or MORE per day for over 3 years- that includes the day after marathons, 6 hour races and 300K bike rides (yes that also happened).

Check out more of his exploits HERE on his Strava profile

Not only that, he’s a great teammate, a positive and funny guy to have around…AND was featured in George Atkin’s photos (above), a sign of truly making it as a runner!  Congrats on an amazing month Reza!


A close runner up in the vote this month was Erin McClure.  She had an amazing month posting truly elite times, A-Standards and club records of 16:45 in the 5K and 1:15:20 in the half marathon.  That half marathon time was actually a personal best which is an amazing accomplishment considering she was coming back from a stress fracture, had seemingly insurmountable previous PBs, and had to juggle full time work as a pharmacist and life as a mom of two!  It doesn’t hurt that she’s a super positive, supportive and humble teammate too…thanks for the inspiration Erin!


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