Do you miss the club, and are you finding it hard to get out there to hit our workouts?  Do not fret, Coach Meredith has your back!  Welcome to the H+P Scavenger Hunt Madness!

Staring this Friday, and ending August 18th, check off as many items as you can on this list.  You can do this over as many runs as you’d like.  Meredith is the one and only judge, she has the final say on all scoring!   Check out the full rules HERE:


  1. Run past the location (unless it specifies to run a loop or a specific distance)
  2. The same location cannot be used for multiple clues on the same run
  3. Log your run on Strava, in the comments tag Meredith with the #s of each clue you hit (you may need to follow/allow Meredith to follow you to tag/make  private runs visible for the duration of the challenge)
  4. One point per clue (except two clues with multiple points available for different locations)
  5. Standings will be posted twice weekly
  6. Challenge runs from Friday July 24 – Sunday August 16th
  7. Male and Female with the top # of points will win an H+P singlet


item Clue
1 An unpaved trail under hydro towers
2 Waterloo in Kitchener
3 What four-legged animals wears shoes
4 You might wear these if you’re a cowboy
5 A lap around the former home of H+P
6 Run across an island
7 Participants in this RunWaterloo race might get dizzy running hairpin turns (run past race location)
8 This heritage building commemorates the arrival of European settlers to the region
9 Rainbow walls
10 Wouldn’t it be Grand to cool off in here post run?
11 This part of Erb St is a 4 letter word (and might make you say some 4 letter words)
12 Onkle Hans would live here if he were a king
13 Is it a noodle?
14 You won’t be tobogganing down this trash heap anytime soon
15 The Queenliest of woods
16 Learn about the prehistoric while you run
17 Mr Bean’s trail
18 Hit the links, or run past them (multiple points available)
19 You can admire the grass roof as you sing about this building
20 Get positively charged by running between two or more of these stops
21 Watch out! Cobra-chickens love this trail along the lake. Watch out for frizbee golfers with bad aim too
22 Jumping in to the cold waters of this outdoor pool is sure to put a Spring in your step
23 the Choicest place to get your gear
24 Show some support for front line hospital workers (multiple points locations)
25 Running up this hill while holding your breath past the farm is a challenge at this EndurRun stage
26 Take a bite out of this favourite local “Pizza” location
27 This hill named after Ontario’s largest provincial park sure is all of our favourite
28 The busiest street on St. Patty’s day
29 A street whose name is a number
30 Eat some cake, and then you should take a run past a _ _ _ _
31 Outdoor public art installation (photo required)
32 Really cool graffiti (photo required)
33 The location where H+Pers are most likely to get injured (no points if you get injured running here)
34 Take a LOOP around this Run Waterloo course
35 Put a Ring on it
36 Run N, S, W along this street from Waterloo to Kitchener to Guelph in 1.5km
37 You can run to Paris but you wont see the Eiffel tower
38 You’re on the right Track if you’re an early bird at this summer location
39 It might explain the horror you feel as you run UP this hill to know that there used to be a ski hill here
40 This Natural Area is the location of an indigenous village, with a history going back as long as humans have resided here


Can you get all 40?  Can you get a score OVER 40?

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