H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – July 8, 2024


The time has come to build for our massive fall goals- we have about 16-18 weeks until many of the major marathons which gives us time for 1 build block (4 weeks) and then 3 challenging 4 week blocks. Use this next block to harden the legs and build a base that will allow you to run the following 3 blocks- don’t stress if the paces aren’t there yet.  As always, modify based on where you are with your goals..let’s get to work !

FALL BLOCK 1, WEEK 4 of 4 (Week of July 8)

In theory, this is our recovery week- so if you’ve been following along and feel you could use an easier session, take it!  If you’re still in ramp up mode, aim for the full volume.  With the volume being higher, pacing is super important for this one- do NOT go faster than HM or MP on these tempos or you will be on a road to injury in no time.  Let’s go!

  • 15’ WU jog 
  • 5x100m strides 
  • 10’ tempo @ HMP, 3’ easy 
  • 2×3’ @ 5K effort, 2’ easy
    • ** Recovery week, stop at this point
  • 7’ @ HM, 3’ easy 
  • 2×3’ @ 5K effort, 2’ easy 
    • Marathoners: Top up with 7-10′ at MP on tired legs.
  • 10-15’ CD


  • Do it as:
  • 2 laps of jog corners, stride straights
  • 2-3K tempo @ HMP, 800m easy 
  • 2x 800m @ 5K effort, 400m easy
    • ** Recovery week, stop at this point
  • 1M-2K @ HM, 800m easy 
  • 2x800m @ 5K effort, 400m easy 
    • Marathoners: Top up with 2K @ MP
  • CD-  your choice 



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