H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – May 17th, 2021


We’re right in the middle of l’Alpe de Pain and then just around the corner ir FiveBy5K challenge .  Whether you are hitting these events or not, the time to drop the volume and take a semi-break is here from a burnout and injury prevention standpoint.  As always, modify based on your personal needs and where you are with your training!

Once again, we’re including your key cycling workout from physio Sayaka Tiessen and also adding a strength session from physio Kayla Ng!

Workouts for the week:


*if you’re racing this week, option to cut the 4′ reps down to 2′ reps.

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

6′ @ HM effort (primer type effort)

4′ easy

2-4×4′ @ 5K effort, 2′ easy

3-5′ easy

15 minutes easy CD


15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

10-15′ tempo @ M effort

5′ easy

5-10′ tempo @ HM effort

10-20 minutes CD jog


Cycling Workout from Sayaka:

Looks like rain on Thursday. Here’s a VO2Max grab bag to test your limits. We are starting with longer intervals with a lower intensity (but still hard), and we gradually shorten it up with increasing power. Good luck!

If you are doing the Alpe de Pain, I would decrease the effort to 90% on the 3′ efforts, 100% on the 2′ efforts, and if you want to open those legs up, you can complete the 1′ intervals at 120% to pep things up a bit.


6’ progressive

30” @110%/30” rest

30” @115%/ 30” rest

30” @120%/30” rest

30” @125%/30” rest

4’ rest


3x[3’ @110%/ 3’ rest]

2’ rest

3x[2’ @115%/2’ rest]

3’ rest

  3x[1’ @120%/1’ rest]


Strength Session from Kayla Ng:

Remember- these are generally good to complete 1-2x/week.  If you’re unsure of how to periodize this with the goals you have coming up, let me know.  Enjoy!

3 sets:

  1. Forward lunges 10x/leg
  2. Hamstring curls with a stability ball (option to do glute bridge walkouts if no SB) x10
  3. Rows w/ resistance band x10

2 sets:

  1. Push up to plank x10 (5 per side)
  2. High plank with elbow touches x20 total


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