Trackfest 2023

The 2023 Trackfest has come and gone..and what an event it was!

This was our highest level of participation and fastest one yet!

FULL RESULTS- click here.

PHOTS from Run Waterloo will be found HERE in the coming weeks.





Check out the full results HERE.

50 athletes completed the 5000m across both heats with 6 breaking 17 and 23 breaking 20!

On the men’s side, Michael Stewart was the fastest running 15:24.  He did admit to misunderstanding the passing rules and to going inside the inside line at times.  SO, if there was prize money it would have gone to Aidan Rutherford who was second with a very solid 16:19.

On the women’s side, Jessica Cullen was first with Vicky not too far behind in 17:53 for second!


3000m Results

In the 3000m, Jonothan Gascho took the W in 10:04, with Janice Stonebridge finishing first women in 13:16!




The mile saw soccer player- turned- runner (Phil) throw down a 5:03 for second OA, while Michael Stewart took the W in 5:01. Rebecca just barely missed breaking 6:00 for the top women’s spot.



Jone Redfearn lit it up on tired legs to take the W in 2:13, while Kayla Harrop won the women’s side in 2:54.

400m Walking Race


Lots of controversy on this one!  Rumour has it there may have been some feet leaving the ground when they shouldn’t have…but we are getting conflicting reports.  Some say Michael won, others say Azaan won.  Where’s the video evidence?!  Either way, thanks for giving us an epically fun and hilarious show to watch!

400m Backwards Race

It’s not on the rankings page, but here are the results!  Now you may be asking yourself- wasn’t there a torrential downpour at this time, and wouldn’t it have made sense to skip this event?  WELL YOUR ANSWER IS NO!

And by the way, we get it Mike, you’re good at stuff!

Elimination Mile

Not only was this the highlight of the was the BEST elimination mile in H+P history as every race finished with a sprint finish.

Check out the full results HERE.

In the intro mile, new H+Per Kyle West had an epic sprint finish with Will Klassen to take the win by less than 1s. Vish wasn’t far behind for 3rd.

In the women’s elimination mile- we had our most competitive field yet.  In yet another sprint finish, Vicky was just able to out-kick Carise for 1st, with Marta coming in 3rd OA.

In the men’s competitive elimination mile, Michael Stewart, Andrew Aguanno and Jon Redfearn lit it up in the final 200m with Jon coming out on top, and Andrew less than 1s behind for 2nd.  Ian raced a smart race to make the final loop, placing 4th OA.


It was too wet to do the draw for prizes AT the event, so we did it once we got home.  We drew the shoes first, and then worked our way from those who completed 3 events down to 1.  Yes Andrew’s name got drawn, and yes we immediately threw it out.  Here’s how it turned out!

$50 Gift card to Runners’ Choice Waterloo (3 runners who completed 1 or more events)

  • Lisa Lang
  • Bobby Neudorf
  • Dem Neuman

$50 Gift card to Runners’ Choice Waterloo (3 runners who completed 2 or more events)

  • Edwin Vane
  • Carole Boudreau
  • Kevin McGaire

$50 Gift card to Runners’ Choice Waterloo (2 runners who completed 3 or more events)

  • Greg Cartmell
  • Viswas Bhargava

1 Pair of shoes from Runners’ Choice Waterloo (completed the 800m)

  • Kyle West

1 Pair of shoes from Runners’ Choice (Completed the elimination mile)

  • Azaan Sayani


MASSIVE THANK YOU to these folks for helping to make this event possible!


Finally- shout out to Terry Edwards for taking the time out of his busy schedule to live-social the event!

That’s it for 2023, see you next year!

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