VIRTUAL H+P: Week of March 30th

First of all, let’s check out the results from the COVID LR challenge #1!

Brendan threw down a massive time of 10:19 to take the challenge.  Greg and Alex came 2nd and 3rd respectively with times of 11:05 and 11:25.

On the women’s side, Emily Driedger ran a super strong 13:05 bringing her in as top female.  Coach Gill was second in 13:25.

Dave Rutherford ran a very strong 12:26 to come as top masters runners.

Bonus points to Brendan, Greg, Alex, Dave, Ian, Emily, Adam for beating Coach Sean.  Extra pain points for David Wan making the fatal mistake of stopping before the end of the segment.

Props to Gurp, Peter and Janice for getting it done as well who are not on the above list!


Here’s your week team!  Remember to post, tag us, tag your friends, post in our Facebook group…all of this helps to keep us connected and motivated.  Also remember that this is a semi-custom plan, so modify it as you see fit based on where you are.  Review our general principles for this period of time HERE.


** Do on HILLY terrain.  Go effort based, make it hurt. 

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

10 minutes tempo @ HMP

3-5 minutes easy recovery

3-5x tough ~50-90s hill repeats, recovery easy back down

3-5 minutes easy

1-2x4minutes @ 10K-HM pace, 2minutes easy

10-20 minutes CD



** FLAT terrain.  This is the day to hit paces. 

15-25 minutes WU shuffle

3-5x50m strides

2K, 1K, 1K @5-10K effort, 400m easy in between (or 8 minutes, 4 minutes, 4 minutes)

5 minutes easy

3-5x200m @ 90% max effort, 60s jog recovery (or 3-5x40s, 60s recovery)

10-20 minute CD jog



  • Go easy, and aerobic at 15-20% from your normal volume
  • Incorporate THIS segment into your run 
  • Last weeks was a TOUGH mountain top finish.  This week’s is a solid net downhill, very fast, with a tendency for the wind to be at our backs.  This will be a good chance to FLY!



We recommend doing this routine 2x this week.  A good option is to do it on the same day as your run workout once you’re done (either directly after or later that night) to ensure you’re recovered enough to crush your legs for the next quality run.  This week’s workout is from Coach Nick Burt!   You can also check out a video of the routine on our Instagram.

Repeat the following exercises slowly and with good form and control in sequence, 2-3x total.

Exercise #1- Reverse Lunges

20 reps each side, 15s rest

Exercise #2- Dive Bomber or Regular Pushups

15 reps, 15s rest

Exercise #3- Russian Twists (if low back is an issue, do mountain climbers)

45s, 15s rest

Exercise #5- 1 leg glutei bridges

15 reps each side, 15s rest

Exercise #6- Body weight or jump squats

20 reps, 15s rest

Exercise #7- Plank into side plank 

60s going back and forth, 15s rest


Exercise #8- Pushups 

20 reps, 15s rest

60s rest once you’re done going through all the exercises, and then start again!


Have an awesome week team, looking forward to seeing and hearing about how it all goes!



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