Do not fret, pack runs like this will happen once again!  However, for the time being, we are going to get creative to ensure we maintain our base in a safe but effective way.  A pandemic like this can throw our goals and desire to train out the window- that’s understandable..  BUT life is too short and we’ve worked too hard to lose all this running “fun” and momentum.

We’re amazingly lucky to have all the technology and social media options available to us to help fuel our motivation. So, let’s use it!  Here’s our overall plan:


Here are some guidelines for you to design a training plan that will keep you fit, healthy while still avoiding injury and burnout.  The goal should be to stay as fit as humanly possibly while remaining fresh and only 2-4 weeks removed from being equipped to handle a peak training block.  Don’t try to match your max effort and volume, but also don’t fall off the cliff and let your training disappear.  Here’s how to achieve this:

  • VOLUME: With our A-goal spring races out of the picture for now, cut your weekly volume down by 15-20% from peak mileage.
  • RUNNING WORKOUTS:  Aim for 1-2 of these/week.
    • FROM OUR COACHES: We will post a Monday and Thursday workout on our Insta, Strava and our Facebook group.  They will be a little lower volume than we usually do this time of the year, but will definitely still be challenging.
  • LONG RUNS: Again, a drop in volume by 15-20% from what you otherwise had planned is a reasonable idea.  No pressure on tempos in your LRs during this time.
    • FROM OUR COACHES: Each week there will be a Strava segment challenge that must be completed from the Friday-Sunday.  Race it, or just run to it to complete it.  We’ll be releasing the results of those who complete it to the group!
  • STRENGTH WORK:  Often when we’re training so hard with running, our energy and desire to do strength work disappears.  Plus, strategically, sometimes it’s better to avoid it to ensure fresh legs for big run workouts. Well, now is our time to get jacked!
    • FROM OUR COACHES: Each week there will be a 15-30 minute strength routine that should be done 1-2x.  It will involve minimal equipment so that it can be done anywhere.

Remember with all of these workouts, post on Strava, post on insta, tag H+P so we can share it– the MORE we do this, the more you will be motivating your teammates to keep grinding toward their goals.

We will release the workouts on Facebook, Instagram and Strava.  On top of that, we will also be making a custom blog post for each week’s workout structure so that you have it in advance and so that you can organize your week.  All of this will be done for free and to the public.  We’re in this together!

Finally, watch out for a special team race coming down the road if we don’t get a better idea of when races are coming back.

That’s it for now.  We need to respect this pandemic and take it seriously, but I refuse to let it destroy my and our fitness and happiness!  Let’s roll team!


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