2018 ENDURrun Stage 3 Recap




What a day at stage 3 of the 2018 ENDURrun!  FULL RESULTS.

There were some SERIOUS surprises that are going to make the battle for the podium very interesting.  Graham Stonebridge knocked his stage out of the park with a 2:07:47, building on the team’s overall lead and putting them within striking distance of the record.  Alex T had a very strong performance for the men’s C-Team, rocketing them all the way to 2nd OA.  Emily also crushed her stage, putting the women well within record pace AND held the women’s team in 3rd OA.  H+Per and leader of OTF, Jon Redfearn, had the best relay performance of the day with a 2:06 – good enough to bring his team all the way to 5th OA!

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 8.56.18 PM

In the Men’s A and Women’s B vs. Women’s A and Men’s B challenge, Graham and Janice (awwee) both were able to build on their team’s lead despite strong runs from both Emily (2:26) and Reza (2:27).  Full Results. 

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In the Masters vs. the World challenge, the masters squad really put their training volume and years of experience to work opening up a massive 25 minute lead.  Angelika (3:04) and Alex (2:11- 4th OA on the day) BOTH had great races for The World.  Mike Piazza went for it and blew up in EPIC fashion, but still toughed it out to finish the stage and keep the battles alive.  Well done Mike! Full Results. 

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The Men’s A team is back on track to beat the team record after Graham’s awesome 2:07.  They are also within 8 minutes of EVENT record pace- the chance is still alive!  Full Results. 

In the women’s event record chase, Emily improved on their lead in the record-chasing battle, now sitting almost 6 minutes ahead of where they need to be!  Full Results. 

Dave had a rare, non-optimal race (by his standards), but still finished with a very solid 2:25 finish time.  This keeps the team within 12 minutes of record pace, just off the 4th place podium with some of our BEST masters runners still to come. Full Results.

Tracey was able to produce a very strong 3:02 for masters women, keeping pace with the record from last year and kept the dream of an event record alive Full Results.


After Alex’s strong 2:11, the Men’s C team now sits 23 minutes ahead of the Men’s B-team.  Can these boys pull off one of the best upsets in H+P ENDURrun history?  Or can the B-team claw back those minutes over the next 4 stages? Full Results.

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The father/son battle of Aidan vs. 2012 Dave is heating up!  3 stages, 66.1K of racing..and only 28 seconds separate the two!  Full Results.

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It’s hard to believe but things got even MORE interesting today!  Nick closed some distance and now sits a mere 1:10 off the OA podium while Aidan built on his lead in 2nd.  Rebecca had an AMAZING performance fighting her way to 4th overal! The H+P women (Robyn, Val, Vicki, Rebecca) now sit 1-4 OA.  Robyn build on her OA lead on Val…but just barely!  She now holds a 2:01 lead after 66.1K of racing!  Full Results. 

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Our wish came true!  Merzi found his legs and really ran strong finishing in 2:27.  H+P now has 8 athletes in the top 15 with Rebecca knocking at the door in 17th. Full Results.

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Up tomorrow…the 10-Miler.  Let’s go team!

Review all of our rosters and team challenges HERE.  


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