2018 ENDURrun Stage 2 Recap

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What a day at stage 2 of the 2018 ENDURrun!  FULL RESULTS.

It was an AWESOME day overall for the H+P relay teams!  On the backs of some great runs, H+P now sits 1st-8th place OA!  The H+P Women’s team jumped all the way into 2nd OA on the back of Erin McClure’s event record 55:52!  H+P men’s A-team held an 11 minute lead for 1st OA.  There is now only 11s separating the Masters Men’s B and Men’s C teams after 2 days of racing!

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In the Men’s A and Women’s B vs. Women’s A and Men’s B challenge, things just got a little closer!  With Both Erin (55:52) and James (1:04) having strong races, the gap was closed on Coach Sean (54:29) and Kayla (1:10:54) by 5 minutes.  The Men’s A and Women’s B team STILL leads, but by a mere 4 minutes with lots of racing still to come.  Full Results. 

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In the Masters vs. the World challenge, things got VERY interesting.  With strong runs from Mike, Greg and Patrick, The World closed the gap.  Now, after 108.1K of combined racing for each team, only 10:53 separate the two! Full Results. 

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The Men’s A team is just off track of club record pace (by about 2 minutes), but are definitely within striking distance. They’re already about 10-12 minutes off of event record pace though, but all is not lost on this pursuit yet.  Full Results. 

In the women’s event record chase, Erin absolutely crushed it with her event record run.  They are now within 30 SECONDS of event record pace! Full Results. 

Jan was able to post a very strong 1:05:11 which brought the masters men RIGHT back into striking distance of event record pace.  They are now a mere 50s off pace with Dave coming up to race his 2017 self! Full Results.

The masters women have some work to do, but there are still 5 stages to go and they have a VERY strong anchor in Robyn as they chase their masters women’s record! Full Results.


Things got even MORE interesting today!  With a strong run from Aidan, he was able to push himself into 2nd OA.  Nick held his position in 4th OA.  Robyn built (but just barely) on her lead, while Val crushed a very strong PB to build on her 2nd OA position.  Vicki had a very solid run of 1:05 to jump into 3rd OA.  H+P now owns 1-3 on the OA podium!

Full Results. 

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Now, H+P has 7 (Aidan, Nick, Robyn, Val, Ian, Thaddeus, Vicki) of our 9 ultimates in the top 15 with Merzi primed in 16th to fight to make it 8!  Also, if you’re looking for exciting side-stories, check out Ian and Rebecca’s progression from 2017- 2018- they’re killing it! Full Results.

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Up tomorrow…the 30K Bechtel!  Let’s go team!

Review all of our rosters and team challenges HERE.  


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