2019 Boston Marathon

It’s hard to believe, but the 2019 Boston Marathon has come and gone!  It started as a rainy day, but the skies parted just in time for runners to enjoy fairly reasonable conditions for once (although still far from ideal to run your best).  Here’s how the team did:


Aidan was in first for the team with a very solid 2:55 after a winter of coming out for an average of 0.17 workouts/week.

Dave kept his boy, Aidan, on his toes with a strong 3:13.

Rebecca had an amazing race as the only H+Per to PB with a very impressive 3:22!

Vicki went into the race injured, but still had a solid 3:41.  Far off her PB, but a fun day nonetheless!

Andrea kept her Boston streak alive (not sure how many years it’s been that there are quite a few now), finishing in 3:45!

Coming in just 7s behind Andrea is H+P’s #1 two thumbs up performer, Kristin Marks with a very solid 3:45!

Finally a huge props goes out to Deb Rutherford for her 30:30 5K performance on Saturday!

Congrats to all who got out and pushed their limits on this unforgiving course!


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