H+P Athlete of the Month: February 2019

Here at H+P we are super excited to start doing a better job of honouring the people who help to make our club possible.

One way we wanted to do that was to start giving out a H+P athlete of the month award. And this athlete is not just chosen at random! Our 2018 MVPs and 4 runners up as voted by our members along with coach Sean and Gill anonymously vote on the athlete they feel best exemplifies:

-An amazing level of performance (which can mean from a pure performance standpoint OR personal improvement)

-Contribution to the club in a way that makes it better for all

-Actions that help to make our members feel good, stay motivated and continue to strive toward our goal of bringing athletes of all abilities together

On that note, the winner for Feb. 2019 is…a TIE!

#BREAKING 2 SQUAD fea. Will, Jenn and Meredith!

This month, for the first time ever, we had a 3-way tie between the very inspirational #Breaking2 squad!

Since the fall of 2018, this trio set a very ambitious goal of breaking 2 hours at the Chilly Half Marathon.  For them at the time, this was far from a sure thing and they would have to take their running to an absolute new level to make it happen.  In previous years, this squad was consistently in the high 20s, low 30s for 5K (or 5K equivalent across all distances).  By contrast, breaking a 2 hour half requires the ability to run a ~25-mid 5K!  That means together they would have to improve by at least 7-10%- that is HUGE!

Together, they brought their training to a new level.  Increased mileage, harder workouts, strength work, improved diet, and a belief in each other and themselves that they had the ability to achieve more.  In the end, all 3 crushed this ambitious goal with Will running 1:54:38, Jenn running 1:56:40, and Meredith running 1:59:07. Added bonus: they are all super nice people and supportive teammates.  BOOM!

Thanks for the inspiration team, and congrats on your accomplishment.  Onwards to March!


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