2019 Chilly Half

What a day at the 2019 Chilly half marathon!  With what has been one of the worst winters for training ever (at least from a traction standpoint), the crew of over 50 strong was excited to see what kind of base fitness we had to work with leading into spring…

BASE?  Forget that.  With the luck of good conditions, many H+Pers showed they did not just survive the winter, they conquered it!  We had athletes hit H+P performance standards AND over 20 hit personal bests on the day!  Check out our full results HERE.

Here are the athletes to hit standards:

Sean Delanghe – A Standard – 1:14: 54
Joan Chung – B Standard – 1:25:33
Vicki Zandbergen – B Standard – 1:31:57
Alex Tohivsky – C Standard – 1:20:54
Andrew McAlorum – C Standard – 1:22:43
Jan de Visser – C Standard – 1:27:12

And of course the PB crew:

Robert Gudzak – 1:24:05
Ian Grzegorczyk – 1:25:04

Josh Lucrezi – 1:25:52
Adam Dixon – 1:26:08
Reza Saputra – 1:28:09
David Wan – 1:32:40
Rebecca – 1:34:15

Sam Lalonde – 1:35:08
Kayla Ng – 1:35:16
Kristin Marks – 1:37:42
Lindsay Howes – 1:43:20
Brian McGrath – 1:43:48
Olasukky Mabifah – 1:43:48
Michael Hewitson – 1:46:46
Tyler Dalton – 1:51:11
William Spaetzel – 1:54:38
Jenn Tomlinson – 1:56:40
Meredith Mh – 1:59:07

5K- Full results

Also, a huge props goes out to our 5K crew!  Brad and Heather both had career bests, while Deb continues to improve after a long battle with injury!  Congrats team!

Finally, a huge thanks to Rebecca for planning our post-race party/ surprise party for Vicki!  We made sure our net calorie gain was a positive one that’s for sure!

Onwards to the next battle!



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