H+P Athlete of the Month: July, 2018

Here at H+P we are super excited to start doing a better job of honouring the people who help to make our club possible.

One way we wanted to do that was to start giving out a H+P athlete of the month award.  And this athlete is not just chosen at random!  Our 2017 MVPs and 4 runners up  as voted by our members along with coach Sean and Gill anonymously vote on the athlete they feel best exemplifies:

-An amazing level of performance (which can mean from a pure performance standpoint OR personal improvement)

-Contribution to the club in a way that makes it better for all

-Actions that help to make our members feel good, stay motivated and continue to strive toward our goal of bringing athletes of all abilities together

On that note, the winner for July 2018 is…


july athlete of the month (1)

Highlights for Jess in the last month include:

– Placing 1st OA for women and setting the female club record in our cycling TT

– Placing second in the H+P trackfest 5K (18:29) the day after placing 2nd in category in a night crit followed by winning her category in another crit later that day!

– Doing some sort of crazy kyaking marathon- ask her for details!

– Overall throwing down an inspirational level of training as she preps for bigger races to come!  Just check out her Strava to see!

This vote, however, was a close one! In a very close second in the voting this month…

James Rhydderch 

James had an amazing past few months for the team!  Suffering various injuries all winter, James continued stay dedicated and work hard with his rehab and cross training resulting in some amazing PBs:

-1500m (4:35), Mile (4:58- clay track), 3000m (10:03)…not bad at all for a guy coming back from months of little to no running!

-He also has an amazingly positive attitude, an unmatched passion for the sport, a great work ethic and has a positive impact on everybody around him!

Thank you Jess and James for helping to bring us together, inspire us and make us better!


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