H+P Cycling Summer TT Series


The time has come to unleash pain on our legs in yet ANOTHER way!  H+P will be running a club time trial series throughout the summer yet again.  The results will be rankings eligible, and 10/10 on the pain scale.

After many years of leading them Jeremy Haak has had to step down this year…thank you very much for all you have done sir!

Do not fret as physio/coach Sayaka is taking them over to make sure we don’t miss out on the suffering!


Course and timing:

The course will run on Weimar line from Bamberg West to ~Hutchison road and back for a distance of ~12K.  The course is mostly flat with a large hill leading to the turnaround.  CLICK HERE to see more. 

*Disclaimer- roads will not be closed.  Cycling can be dangerous and accidents happen.  Know your limits, and risk tolerance- it is up to you to decide what is safe and assume 100% responsibility for your own safety and the associated risk of participating in this series.

** These TTs are occurring on Thursday PMs despite this segment being labelled as Wednesday.


Timing will be done using the Strava segment this year– you must have a GPS device and Strava account!


All Abilities, All Bikes Welcome

The goal of the series is to benefit cyclists of all abilities in the club.  By having a few TTs over the course of the summer, you will be able to measure your improvement on a consistent course.  The distance is short enough that it should allow you to assess your progress without having too much of an impact on the rest of your training- no taper or recovery required!

Whether you’re on a hybrid (please somebody do this on a hybrid), or a full-on TT bike with disc wheels, everybody can get stronger and show improvement.  If there is a bit of friendly competition involved too, that’s all the better!


June 1st: Social ride, transition clinic with Sayaka, ice cream from My Next KW Home Group. 

June 8th: TT #1

July 27th: TT #2

August: TBA

That’s all for now, see you on the roads!




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