H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – October 26th, 2020


We’re dropping things down to 1 key workout/week- offseason is here!  The overall plan is to do this until late November and then start adding the option for a second workout as we prime for the mile + stay generally fit for all race distances.  Even if you’re feeling motivated to run hard 2x/week, now’s the time the recover and give your body a chance to adapt to the hard summer of suffering.  Enjoy it while you can!

H+P Workout

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

5 minutes easy

7 + 5 minutes tempo at HM effort, 3 minutes easy in between (slow pace for the duration!)

5 minutes easy

2-4x 2 minutes hard @5-10K effort, 1 minute easy

10-20 minutes CD jog

**Can also be run as 1M, 1200m, 2-4x600m



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