H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – November 2nd 2020


We’re sticking to our plan of 1 workout/week until late November.  Focus on completing the workouts in full with no pressure on pace- enjoy the process while you can!  We will keep this structure going until late November, and then ramp it up as we target the Arctic mile!

Throw back to that time that we had the inter-school challenge at the Musagetes 5K! 

H+P Workout

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

5 minutes easy


Repeat 3x:

4minutes @ half effort (slow for the duration)

2 minutes easy

2-3×1 minute @ 5K effort, 1 minute easy

3 minutes easy


10-20 minutes CD jog

** Can also be run as 1K, 2-3x300m 



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