H+P x RunWat 5K TT



– Huge props to Jessica Kuepfer, Victoria Caitlyn and Laura Puopolo going 1,2,3! (Only 1s between Jessica and Vicky!)
– Sean, Larry Bradley and Graham Stonebridge went 1,2,3 OA. We were sad to see a big group of our top men (Ian McCreery Nick Burt Jon Redfearn Michael Diaz Mike Wan etc.) go the wrong way, taking away their chance to challenge these boys for the top 3.  So, we’ll have to do this again!
– Awesome work to those who hit the event virtually including Bobby Neudorf and Nur Andi Setiabudi
– Props to Larry Bradley and Colleen Caplin for being top masters athletes
– Holger Kleinke was our top 50+ runner, while Brian Hunter was our top 60+ athlete.
PBs and Career Bests:
Despite it being a semi-slow course, and COVID beating down a lot of us, many athletes STILL managed to hit PBs and career bests!
Personal bests (many of which are career bests) included: Jon Finn (18:07), Ken Cooper (18:08), TJ Flynn (18:52- including a C-Standard!), Laura Puopolo (19:42), Gurp (20:34), Joseph Puopolo (22:07), Cole (22:14), Will Spaetzel (23:52), Aidan (24:04), Jill Baker (26:02), Ajmal (26:37), Alicia Erz (27:37), and Rebecca G (29:23)
Close Calls:
There was lots of fun with these…too bad we didn’t get to witness the sprint finishes given the TT format!
– 1s separated Jon Finn and Ken Cooper. A mere 13s separated coach Mark Cullen, Jon, Ken, Luke Ehgoetz and Ian McCreery for 4th-8th Oa. There was only 2s in between Luke and Ian as well.
– As noted above, there was only 1s separating Jessica and Vicky for 1-2 woman OA.
– Brandon Thompson and Laura were 3s apart in the battle for top 15.
– Gurpreet Mahil and Colleen Caplin were also only 3s apart.
– Trevor was able to beat Janice Marie by 1s for 22nd OA.
– Chantelle Thompson and Lumi Covaciu-Duca were only 2s apart.
Congrats all, and thanks for making the event fun for the entire time!
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