Welcome New H+Pers!

It’s been a year (other than our brief attempt in the summer) since we shut down practices.  Since then, we’ve had many new members join who are slaving away on their own.  Supporting each other with training partners and groups is a major part of what makes H+P tick- and our new members are missing out on this!

So, here are some of our new members!  Introduce yourself, make them feel welcome, and if you need a bubble training buddy and you see somebody at your ability, reach out to them.  The time to suffer together will come, but hopefully this helps to tide us over in the meantime!


Sarah Heesaker

Current Ability: Likely between a 23-24 minute 5k.
Upcoming Goals: Long time goal of a sub 1:50 half marathon.  Have run 2 in 1:51, but never sub 1:50.  Hopefully when in person races return, it will happen!
Social: Insta. Strava 



Jonathan Templin
Current Ability: 5km – around 19:30. HM – ~1:28 (last fall)
Goals: Not training for anything specific, but would love to get a bit more plugged into the KW running community. I’d love to beat my 5km PB from about 6 years ago (18:31)
Social: Strava


Ashley Hosker

Current ability – 5k – Around 23 minutes

Goals:  Slowly building mileage and speed. Maybe one day a triathlon.

Social: Strava 


Kelly Zheng


Current ability: 40 min 5k

What you are training for: Fitness. I did a lot of xcountry/track + martial arts in high school then paddled competitively in my undergrad, but since starting my phd, my health and overall fitness has fallen to the wayside. Hoping to pick things back up and build some healthy habits. Currently making my way up to a 10k following the c210k program.

Social: Strava Insta



Sue Pelger 
Current Ability: ~23 min, from a few yrs ago.  Spent 2020 building mileage after a knee injury.
Goals: To build fitness this year, doing the Hammer challenge virtual Mar-Apr and training for Muskoka HM in person this October, and want to do another full in 2022. Also do some TT’s this year.
Social: Strava

Scott Clark
Current Ability: 5k: 18:21, Half: 1:23:12, 50k (trail): 4:13:14
Goals: Nothing at the moment, as I am waiting to see what race options might be available in late summer / fall. I mostly do trail races, but a proper marathon is an option.
Social: Strava Insta

Daniel Fournier
Current ability: ~15:30 5K
Goals: Base building right now since I’m just coming back from injury. Hopefully narrow in on something either 5K or HM focused as the weather gets warmer. Would like to go sub-15 on the track in a 5000m or sub-70 in a HM.
Social: Strava Insta


Lori McIntosh 

Current ability: Not sure about my 5km time as I only run marathon and half marathon distance races.  I will do a TT soon to find out.
Goals: Training for Chilly half virtual and Muskoka Full this October.  Hoping for a solid BQ!
Social: Strava

Geoff Rhebergen

Current ability: Towing 2 kids in a bike trailer around town.  PB’s of 19min 5k and a 1:40 half marathon, definitely a bit off that pace at the moment though.

Goal: Ironman Mont Tremblant in August, hopefully sub 12hrs.
Social: Strava

Terry Labach

Current ability: 5k time is around 23:15.

Goals: I’d only run occasionally for general fitness before the pandemic, but with my gym mostly closed, I ran more and more to pick up the slack.  My goals for 2021 are to run a 5k in under 23 minutes and 10k under 51 minutes (never having run a 10k race or time trial.)

Social: Strava

Leah Schwartzentruber
Current ability: It has been some time since I ran a 5km race but somewhere around 22 minutes.
Goals: I am slowly building my mileage and working on getting faster. Eventually I would love to get into ultra running!
Social: Strava Insta



Phil Gunnewiek

Current ability: ~ 19:00 5k

Goals: sub 5 minute mile, maintain fitness for soccer, see what I’m capable of if I train for more than 2 months in a row

Social: Strava 

Sayaka Tiessen

Current ability: Pregnant and moving slowly. Previously could do high 19s for a 5k
Goals: health, and eventually a return to triathlon
Social: Strava  Insta

Michael Stewart

Recently moved to Waterloo/ joined H+P Virtually

Current ability and goals: I’m in about 16-16:30 5k shape right now with no aim for my training other than being able to run Campus pizzas home before they get cold.. but I’m always down for a good sweat/ push and happy to meet new folks in the Waterloo running community!

Social: Strava

Lisa Stewart

Current ability and goals: I’m currently in about 19 minute shape (5km). I’m new to H+P and for now I’m looking forward to the H+P 3k this month and the virtual Sporting Life 10k, I don’t have any longer term plans right now and am just trying to stay in good shape.

Social: Strava

Suling Duong

Current ability: 21:51 5K
Goals: Training for health and longevity!

Current ability and goals:  I have no idea what my current ability is.   I love the outdoors. Maybe marathon one day!
Social- Twitter 
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