2019 Re-Fridgee-8er

It’s hard to believe but the 2019 Fridgee8er marks our 7th anniversary of team competition!  What a blast it has been!

Despite all of these years, with over 50 athletes competing, a number of PBs and career bests dropping AND a new club record, we think it’s safe to say that this is our best 8er yet! Here’s how we did:

8K Results

Click HERE for our results summary littered with PBs and amazing AG performances.

There were so many highlights for the team here, but one that really stands out is Robyn who not only posted the W, but also a NEW women’s open and masters 8K (30:30) record!  That’s right, two club records in one day!

Jessica  (3rd), Coach Gillian (4th), Colleen (5th) made 4 of the top 5 OA H+Pers, amazing!

On the men’s side, Coach Sean (1st) and Josh Lucrezi (5th) put two men in the top 5 OA.

The team of Sean (27:36), Josh (30:02), Robyn (30:30), Robert Gudzak (30:47) and Adam Dixon (31:48) also took home the team competition with an average time of 30:09. 

8M Results

Click here for our PBs and career best littered results from the 8-Miler!

Some highlights includes an amazing 2nd place OA finish for Val- not bad when the winner is a Pan American medalist! Anne (6th), Vicki (9th) and Rebecca (10th) made it 4 ladies in the top 10 overall!

Props to our men’s crew for placing 4 in the top 10 (Ian McCreery (4th), Graham Stonebridge (6th), Andrew McAlorum (9th), and Luke Ehgoetz (10th)).  These boys along with Reza Ended up taking the OA team competition with with an average time of 49:20!

3K Results

It was a solid day for Catherine, Judy and Deb on their way back to action!  Check out how they did HERE. 

8-Mile Challenge

It was an awesome and epic showdown in our 8-Mile challenge.  If you don’t know what it was all about, check out the details HERE.

In the end, it ALMOST went off as predicted with a few caveats which lead to the results we saw!  Team Dave, Team Luke and Team Ian G were all separated by a mere 4 (average) positions fully performing to their abilities.  However, the loss of Janice hurt Team Graham as they ended up finishing just under 10 spots behind Team Ian G.

On the other end of the spectrum, with some unexpectedly great performances from the crew of team Ian M (Ian, Peter Van Driel, Mike Diaz, Anne Aschwanden, Rebecca Kruisselbrink), they finished a whopping 6 positions ahead of the 2nd place team Dave.  Well done team, you beat our predictions, and for that you get $120 from RunWaterloo!

Thanks for a great opener to 2019 team, onwards to the Chilly Half!


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