2019 Fall Classic

What a day at the 2019 Fall Classic!  PBs were dropped like mad, and major team accomplishments were achieved.  We had 4 athletes hit sub 16, 19 athletes go sub 18, and 42 go sub 20!

5K- Our Full Results

We had 79 total athletes complete the 5K this year!

Our top 5 finishers were Coach Sean (15:34), Brendan Hancock (15:54), Jon Redfearn (15:57), Graham Stonebridge (15:57) and Greg Dyce (16:04).

One women’s side, we had Erin Fox (17:10), Robyn Collins (17:55), Jessica Kuepfer (18:16), Emily Dreidger (18:33) and Coach Gillian (18:36).

On the masters side of things,  Jon Fugelsang (16:39) finished 1st OA, while Robyn placed 2nd. Robyn’s time was also a NEW masters women’s club record!

Today was also an epic race for hitting CLUB STANDARDS. 

Devin Briggs hit the B-Standard in 16:52, while Dave hit the masters B-standard in 17:55.  On the women’s side, Emily Driedger and Candice Smith both hit the B-Standard running 18:33 and 18:44 respectively.  Vicki hit the masters B.

C-Standard achievers included Mike Diaz, Arthur Brenaut, Matt Harrop, Steve Tremblay, Kayla, Lumi and Sarah Millar!  Bonus points to Lumi for hitting the 50+ 5K club record!

Personal bests also dropped like flies including: Sean, Graham, Greg Dyce, Andrew McAlorum, Mike Diaz, Erin Fox, Ian G, Mark Cullen, Arthur, Robyn, Matt Harrop, Steve Tremblay, Ken Cooper, Tyler Struyk, Brandon Thompson, Jon McGrath, Brian McGrath, Jan de Visser, Denis Allen, Kayla, Tyler Dalton, Chantelle Thompson, John Schmidt, Christine Darragh, Sarah Millar, Nur, Tracey Kuchma, Will Spaetzel, Mark Roesat, Janne Zwart, Meredith Hunger, Jerry Walker and Jocelyn Pederson- WOW!


Team Results

The men’s team (Sean, Brendan, Jon R, Graham, Greg D) finished with an average time of 15:56- a new club record, good for 3rd OA.

The Up-and-Comers (Mike Diaz, Ian G, Mark Cullen, Matt Harrop, Ken Cooper) crushed it to finish 4th OA with an average time of 17:48.

The women’s team was in next (Candice Smith missing from the above results) with a NEW event record- stay tuned for the exact time.  Top 5 included Robyn, Jessica, Emily D, Gillian and Candice.

Masters men were just behind in 6th OA with an average time of 18:34.  Top 5 included Dem, Dave Rutherford, Steve Tremblay, Jan and Peter.

H+P Vets came in 7th OA with a solid average time of 20:02.  Top 5 included Adam Dixon, Thaddeus, Brian McGrath, Trevor Boss and Terry Edwards.

H+P Newcomes came in with a very strong 22:16 average finish time with the top 5 including Laura, Nur, Meg, Phil and Jannelle.

The masters women finished strong with solid runs from Lumi, Colleen, Tracey, Michelle and Cathy.  Their average finish time was 23:42.

H+P also went 5-6th OA in the parent child race (Sean + Gail 4th, Dave + Lisa 5th, Jessica + John 6th).

Congrats all on an amazing race and all of your spectacular accomplishments.  This will be one to remember fo years to come and will be VERY tough to top.  Onwards to our fall marathon goals!  #cantwontstop

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