2019 Holiday Party

It’s hard to believe, but another year has come and gone with H+P!  Thank you all for coming out to celebrate and spend time together.  A massive thanks goes to Rebecca for letting us use her place!  Here are some highlights:

As with every holiday party, we have our epic potluck challenge.  It was a close, hard-fought year.  However, this year Julie came on top with her candied bacon.  A massive things to Mike and My Next KW Home for sponsoring this competition- they have been supporting us since day 1!

And of course, every holiday party must includes a relay race.  This year’s NEW holiday song challenge (thanks for organizing Coach Meredith!) was won by a strong squad including Dave, Merzi, Trevor, Collen and Jenn.  The fruits of their labour?  Classic H+P sunglasses across the board!

A huge congrats also goes to our multi-sport squad who were presented with their $300 from placing 2nd at the OAT provincial championships.  Well done team! 

Colleen cleaned up on the night, coming out on top with the best holiday attire award as voted by her teammates!  

Of course, we always have our vote for team MVP.  This year saw Will and Rebecca come to the forefront and were awarded as the 2019 H+P MVPs!  They will receive a Run Waterloo prize pack to go with their free H+P memberships and singlets. 

Finally, we (Coach Gill and Sean) have send out a heartfelt thank you for the kind card and gift cards.  Hopefully you all know, at this point, we truly do not expect anything from any of you.  The gesture means so much to us, and we appreciate it and all of you so much!  We are so lucky to have this team and all of you in our lives.  Onwards to more in 2020!


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