Welcome to H+P in 2020!

Hi everybody, welcome to H+P in 2020!

With so many new people this year, we figured it would be a good idea to go over some H+P basics to help you integrate as fast as possible and perform YOUR best this year.

Here are some workout essentials:

  1. Don’t race workouts. Putting in 85-95% of your race effort will breed consistency and help to prevent injury!
  2. Go slow on the recovery, and loop back to pick up runners anywhere close to you. Don’t try to “win” the workout.
  3. Keep the pace as steady as possible throughout. Throwing in surges creates gaps and makes it hard for everybody to maintain the consistency and quality of their workout.
  4. Saying good job to your teammates as you run by them really does make a difference– keep it up!
  5. High-fives post-workout = good.  We also accept fist bumps and thumbs ups (2 max/person).

Here are some goal essentials:

Our goal is to balance being performance oriented while also being welcoming to all abilities and goals- who can’t benefit from being better than ever?  As all longterm H+Pers know, this means:

  1. Our workouts are semi- customized for big team goals, but you will have to adapt given your specific situation (and we’re ok with that).  Our coaches are here to answer questions in person, and we have personal coaching options for those who want more attention.
  2. Nobody’s individual health should ever be sacrificed for performance.  Push to be your best within the limits of what is healthy for you, and great things will happen!
  3. Aim for inclusivity.  Anybody who is ready to work hard, be a team player and lift up those around them is welcome in this group regardless of speed, age, or any other trait you can think of.
  4. Have fun!  Of course, to be better we have to grind out some brutal workouts.  That being said, if a tough training load is no longer serving you, pull the cord, reduce the volume and re-evalute.  This is not a feasible career for any of us and should be a relief from and contributor to other aspects of life, not a liability.

That’s what we’re after anyway!  So many of you work hard every week to make this goal possible- so thank you all for being both official and unofficial leaders in this regard- we see it and appreciate it.  Let’s be better than ever as a team in 2020!


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