2019 Re-Fridgee-8er 8M Challenge

As we prep for our big winter goal, the Chilly Half, we are hitting our favourite local sufferfest in the proccess- the Run Waterloo Re-Fridgee-8er!  This is going to be our biggest 8er yet with 50+ athletes from the team racing including a whopping 30 in the 8-Miler alone.

The 8-Mile H+P Team Challenge

Why so many in the 8-Miler this year?  Well, in part it is because Run Waterloo dropped the gauntlet on H+P with a team challenge.   It works as follows:

  • Split the H+P athletes up into teams of ~6
  • The team with the lowest average overall finish position among it’s top 5 athletes wins.
  • Prize: $120 cash split evenly among all athletes on a given team (even if you’re not in the top 5, you probably still helped by beating OTHER H+P athletes).

It’s just that simple!

So how do the teams stack up?  Check the out below along with their current 5K equivalent or on the battle page on our rankings page HERE.

**It’s important to note that this page will show the average finishing time, not the average finish position- these two things may not produce the same ranking.  It is average finishing POSITION that matters the most (aka sprint finishes matter)!

Team Graham

Rank Athlete Rank Time
4  Graham Stonebridge 16:23
39  Reza Saputra 19:12
52  Janice Cooper 20:07
59  David Wan 20:35
104  Cathy Derksen 25:26
110  William Spaetzel 26:50

Team Ian M

Rank Athlete Rank Time
10  Ian McCreery 16:59
34  Peter Van Driel 18:56
56  Rebecca Kruisselbrink 20:28
78  Anne Aschwanden 21:49
131  Heather Heij 39:27
NR  Michael Diaz

Team Luke

Rank Athlete Rank Time
18  Luke Ehgoetz 17:58
31  Merzi Dastoor 18:49
43  Vicki Zandbergen 19:22
76  Greg Pogue 21:42
87  Tyler Dalton 22:54
115  Jennifer Tomlinson 28:39

Team Dave

Rank Athlete Rank Time
20  Dave Rutherford 18:10
28  Andrew McAlorum 18:38
46  Antoine Gauthier 19:40
68  Kayla Ng 21:11
92  Mike Hewitson 23:38
109  Andrew Heij 26:44

Team Ian G

Rank Athlete Rank Time
17  Ian Grzegorczyk 17:55
26  Thaddeus Homewood 18:33
38  Jan de Visser 19:12
83  Lindsay Howes 22:13
84  Olasunkanmi Mabifa 22:40
111  Meredith Hunter 27:06

How were the teams selected?

WELL, we probably spent too much time on this.  In order to  make the teams as fair as possible, we did as follows:

  • We took each athlete’s ranking 5K equivalent and converted it to an estimated 8M time.
  • We then made known (conservative) adjustments for factors such as injuries, using it as a training run, going hard and fitter than ever etc.
  • We then took those times and saw what each individuals average finish position would have been over the last 3 years for the 8-Miler.
  • Then, we mixed and matched until we had an average finish position among the predicted top 5 and top 6 that was within 1 point for each team.

Despite our best intentions, as we all know, so much can happen on race day.  Athletes fall apart, bonk, get sick etc.  Some of these teams may not even field a full 5 athletes if they hit roadblocks over the next week.  Some teams may have athletes who have races of their lives and put our predictions to shame.  But, that’s why we race!

Who do you think will take it?  Who is likely going to out-perform our predictions?

Good luck to all, we can’t wait to see the results!


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