2019 Waterloo 10K Classic

Well, the notoriously hot race…finally wasn’t hot!  What an awesome day at the 2019 Waterloo 10K (and 5K Classic).  We loved the new additions this year including the corral system, the awesome T-shirt designs and the great start/finish line set up.

H+Pers had over 60 athletes lighting it up across the 3 distances.  Here are some of the team highlights!


We had just under 30 athletes in the 10K itself.  Our top finisher was Greg Cartmell in 34:54, good for 4th OA.

Vicky was out top finisher in the 10K.  Despite using it as a tempo as part of her long run, she still ran 39:28 good for 3rd OA.

Huge props to the top 5 (Greg, Graham, Andrew, Mike, Ian) who helped the open team finish 1st OA.

Massive props to Mike Diaz for once again hitting a career best.  Finally, congrats to the 12 athletes who hit PBs- check out all the lightning bolts HERE.


Despite the 10K being the major draw for this event, we still had just under 20 athletes lighting up the 5K!

Jon Redfearn was our first 5Ker finishing 3rd OA.  Robyn was our top female finishing 1st OA for women in 19:20.

Also, a massive congrats to our top 5 (Jon, Robyn, Dave, Colleen, Denis) for placing 1st OA in the open team competition.

Finally, congrats to Colleen on hitting the masters women H+P C-Standard and Adenike for hitting a career best!


Finally, it’s always fun having the 3K for out athletes to enjoy the event with their friends and families in a low pressure way. Catherine was our top finisher, placing 1st OA female and 3rd OA in the entire race in 12:27.


Thanks to Run Waterloo for another awesome event!  We will definitely be seeing you next year.


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