H+P Race Weekend: Ottawa and Sulphur

Another weekend, another epic display from our team!  From Ottawa all the way to Sulphur Springs..here’s how we did!


Half marathon- full results

Vicky Siemon was our first runner to cross the line impressing with the overall win with a time of 1:22:47.  This is good for a H+P A-standard and the second fastest female half-marathoner in H+P history!

Michael Diaz continues to improve, dropping yet another PB of 1:28:54.  This was good for 93 OA in a very competitive race.  Adam Dixon was in next for the team in a 1:34.



Coach Sean was on pacing duties, but was lucky enough to hang on to finish 34th OA in 2:43:45.


Brendan shows that his comeback is on, running a solid 34:58 good for 75th OA.

Devon came in next with a time of 41:15, also proving the comeback is on for him.

Payton was in next for the team with a solid 50:01 finish time.

SULPHUR SPRINGS- our results

It’s safe to say the conditions at Sulphur were less than optimal- mud, rain and hills made it impossible to chase any sort of PB.  In fact, only 20% of athletes who started the 100M finished! But that didn’t stop H+Pers…

A huge congrats goes to Reza on finishing his first 100M in 22:38:54- good for 5th place OA!  Coffee also battled hard to finish, tackling the 100M in 1 day, 3:44:43!

We also have to thank our awesome crewing squad for giving up a big chunk of their weekend to keep our athletes moving and alive!  You guys rock!

In the 50M- a huge props goes to Rebecca on throwing down yet another PB of 9:17:22, good for 4th OA female on the day!

Andrew Heij finished the 50K in 7:21, good for 93rd OA.

In the 10K, Brad ran a strong 44:18 while Claire finished in 1:05:08!


H+P B ran very strong coming in with a time of 18:25:53, good for 4th OA.

H+P A had one of their runners understandably get lost in the dark and lose a big chunk of time.  However, they still battled hard being anchored by Alex to finish ninth in 21:35:45.

Congrats to everybody who got out and pushed their limits in less than ideal conditions! Onwards to our next big challenge!


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