H+P in 2021

Hello Team!

Coach Sean here.  We have a number of new members in 2021- welcome to the team!

With COVID, it’s clear 2021 will not be back to normal.  There will likely be some better days ahead of us this summer, but also the odds of a third wave are high.  So, what can you expect from us this year?  We will definitely adapt as we go, but we foresee the following:

(1) We will continue to post the running workouts online for you to do solo or with your bubble training partners.

(2) We will always have 1-3 virtual challenges on the go like the 3K Blastoff or last year’s SVEC.

(3) We will keep our Zwift rides going to some capacity at least until the weather improves.

(4) Personal coaching will always be an option for those who want more attention.

(5) For the first practice back, we will introduce and experiment with a Wednesday evening in-person interval workout locally and in Toronto.  The honest truth is that we are going to be conservative with when we introduce this again – the time to confidently suffer together will come, and we can be proud we did things right when this time comes!

(6) Socially distanced in-person activities like our cycling TTs or the Run Waterloo x H+P 5K TT are a very high likelihood.

Keep posting your workouts, keep interacting with us on social media- every little bit helps!

Stay Connected:

Here are the best ways to stay connected while we wait for things to open up!

(1) Add yourself to our e-mail list.
(2) Add me (Sean Delanghe) on Facebook and I will add you to our H+P Facebook group where many of the club updates are posted.
(3) Add yourself to the Strava group.
(4) Follow us on instagram: @health_perform
That’s it for now.  Looking forward to having some fun in the best way we can throughout 2021!
-Coach Sean
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