H+P VIRTUAL WEEK -August 14th, 2023


Running Workouts for the week:


Let’s get the work! It’s time to build major fitness for the fall.  We have about 10 weeks until many- A-races are here.  We’re going to push things for 4 consecutive weeks right off the bat followed by a recovery week (that still won’t be that easy).  As always, change these sessions to suit where you are with your training..but if you follow along, there’s no way you WON’T be fit in October! Let’s go!

Fall Block Week 3 of 5

15′ easy jog WU
5x100m strides
4-5×6′ @ 10K effort, with 3′ easy
10-15′ CD jog

*Marathoners slow it down 5-15s/K and add 1-2 reps


  • 15-20’ easy WU
  • 5x100m strides
  • 4-5x1600m @ 10K effort, 600m recovery
  • CD top up

*Marathoners, slow it down 5-15s/K and add 1-2 reps


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