H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – Dec 27th, 2021


Another week of no official in-person practices.  Let’s keep the buffer training alive.  Things ramp up next week, let’s go!

Looking ahead, what will workouts be structured for?  More to come, but it will be a combo of some early 2022 fun with H+P and Run Waterloo, Chilly half, ATB and Mississauga half and full.

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (all distances) Week 3 of 3

15′ WU
8′ @ HMP (People targeting a M and HM in the new year, double up and do 2×8′ @ HM-MP)
5′ easy
2×4′ @ 10K effort, 3′ easy
3′ easy
4×1′ @ 5K +effort, 1′ easy
10-15′ CD

Cycling Workout from Physio Sayaka:

More to come in the New Year- stay tuned! For now feel free to pick up any of the old base-building workouts to keep some burn in the quads!

Strength from Physio Kayla:

*Always perform ~5-10 min of cardio warm up by walking/cycling and 1-2 warm up sets using the Olympic bar before placing weights on bar

Week 3 of 5:


Elevated split squat

  • 3×10/leg @ 10RM (heavy so that the last 1-2 are very effortful)

SL Step up on a box (knee and hip at 90* angles) w/ Olympic bar + weight on shoulders

  • 3×10/leg 15RM (w/ good form be able to complete 10 reps)


  • 3×10 @ 10RM

High knee marching w/ resistance band around elbows (elbows bent @ 90*) pushing outward and raising arms about head

  • 2x 30 meter

Core – 2x

  • Deadbug w/ swiss ball held between hands+knees. Drop opposite arm + leg x8/side
  • High plank on exercise ball alternating hip extension x 10


Sumo squat w/ KB or DB

  • 3×12

Hamstring curls on exercise ball

  • 3×20

SL calf raise

  • 3×15/side

Hip thrusts – add weight to lap for increased resistance

  • 3×12

Reverse flies w/ DBs

  • 3×12

Leg Lowers

  • 3×10


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