Let the 2022 grind begin! What are we generally targeting? Take a look HERE:

Starting Jan- H+P Scavenger Hunt 2

Jan 15-Feb 6thWhat Goes up, Must Come Down

Feb 13- Reserved for Run Waterloo

March 6th– Chilly Half

March 27- ATB

April 9/10th– H+P En-Route Round 1

April 23rd– H+P Big Group Run

May 1st– Missauga Half

July 30th– H+P Trackfest is BACK

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (Block 1, Week 1 of 4)

  • We’re going to do 3 progressively more challenging weeks, followed by a recovery week.
  • As always modify based on where you’re at with your training!
5K- HM Athletes
15′ easy WU
10′ @ HMP
5′ easy
5′ @ 10K pace
5′ easy
2-4x90s @ 5K pace, 90s easy
10-15′ CD
Modification for Marathoners:
15′ easy
10′ @ MP
5′ easy
5′ @ 10K pace
5′ easy
2-4x90s @ 5K pace, 90s easy
5′ easy
10-15′ @ MP
10-15′ CD

Cycling Workout from Physio Sayaka:

The week has come: RAMP TEST TIME!  Check out our Facebook group for details, see ya’ll Thursday!

Strength from Physio Kayla:

*Always perform ~5-10 min of cardio warm up by walking/cycling and 1-2 warm up sets using the Olympic bar before placing weights on bar

Week 4 of 5:


Elevated split squat

  • 3×10/leg @ 10RM (heavy so that the last 1-2 are very effortful)

SL Step up on a box (knee and hip at 90* angles) w/ Olympic bar + weight on shoulders

  • 3×10/leg 15RM (w/ good form be able to complete 10 reps)


  • 3×10 @ 10RM

T Push-ups

  • 3×10 push up, twist and reach to sky

Core – 2x

  • OH lowers from swiss ball w/ 10-20# DB 10x

Elevated high plank x 30s


Side lunges

  • 15/leg

SL glute bridge

  • 12/side

Bent Over Row

  • 3×12

Front Plank w/ shoulder touches

  • 3×20 shoulder taps

Front plank w/ leg taps

  • 3×10 leg taps


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