H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – Jan 11th, 2021


Just some base fitness stuff is on the way for a few weeks!  Remember you still have until the 14th if you want to run the Arctic Mile or improve your time !


  • Don’t do this if you’re hitting the mile max effort this week!

15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

Repeat twice:


  • 6 minutes @ HALF effort
  • 1 minute @ 5-10K effort
  • 90s in between all
  • 3 minutes in between sets

10-20 minutes CD jog


Mile Results: 

Official results will be posted on HPWR next week!

In the meantime, here are some teasers (remember depending on what side of the road you ran on, your time may not match the ones below- we will take the faster of the two times assuming there has been no glitch).


So far Vicky Siemon sits 1st with her 5:13 remote entry.  Jessica K is in 2nd with a 5:28, while Janice Stonebridge sits in 3rd with a time of just over 6 minutes.

Vicki Z holds the top masters spot in 6:21, while Heather Dixon is out top 50+ female just behind in 6:26!


On the men’s side, Coach Sean sits in first with Brendan (remote entry) just 1s behind in 2nd (bonus points for doing it on an ice road- likely would have been a W on our route)!  Bobby has gone absolute next levels and now sits in 3rd- major up and comer!

Luke is out top maters athlete with a very solid sub 5:30, while Dave is out top 50+ runner.

Awesome job all!  Remember you have until the 14th if you want revenge! #cantwonstop


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