H+P Arctic Mile results

Well, it’s a little early in the year (and a little cold) to be crushing our legs..but that didn’t stop over 50 H+Pers from lighting things up in 2021 H+P Arctic mile!

Here are your full results: CLICK


Vicky Siemon took the W in 5:13 for women!


Larry Bradley was top masters man with a time of 5:19. 2s separated Bruce and Luke for 2nd and 3rd masters- what a battle that would have been in person!


Vicki Z came out on top in 6:21 with Heather only 2s back and Colleen another 10s back.  Too bad we couldn’t see this race live!


Bruce had one of the best races of his life, winning in 5:26.  Bonus points doing this as a 60+ athlete!


50+ WOMEN:

Heather Dixon won with an epic 6:23.



Coach Sean won in 4:51 with Brendan just behind in 4:52.  Let’s be honest though..Brendan’s ice road performance (read more HERE) likely correlates with a faster time.  Too bad, so sad!


As always, there were some epically close calls that would have been super fun to watch had the race been held in person.

  • Brendan + Sean separated by 1s
  • Tristan and Vicky S separated by 1s

Now here is where it gets crazy..

  • Ken Cooper and Larry Bradley at an exact tie
  • Jessica K, Luke E and Josh all with an exact tie (WHAT?)
  • Brandon Thompson, Brian McGrath and Gurp all with an exact tie (….WHHHHAT?)
  • Janice Stonebridge and Jan de Visser with an exact tie
  • Heather Dixon and Nur (all the way in Indonesia) with a tie!
  • Brian Grand + Joseph P- another tie!

We think we need to hold an in-person mile race when things open up again to settle some scores.

Thank you everybody for getting out of your comfort zone and having some fun.  Onwards to our next goals!


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