H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – July 24th, 2022


July 30thH+P Trackfest is BACK

August 15th- H+P Cycling TT #3 (7:00pm)

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (Summer Block 2 Week 7 of 7)

WE MADE IT TO OUR TAPER WEEK!  Even if you’re not racing, if you’ve been following along with our workouts, taking a down or recovery week is well overdue.  Enjoy it while you can!


10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
3′ tempo @ HMP
3′ easy
3-5′ @ max 5K effort
5′ easy
3×1′ very hard, 1′ easy
10-15′ CD

Really don’t want to take a recovery week?  Do 2- 3 sets of 5-1-1-1.


20-30WU jog

2 laps of jog the corners, stride the straights

800m tempo @ HMP- slow for the duration- wake up the legs

400m easy

800-1000m @ 5K effort (3:15-3:25/K)

400m easy

2x400m @ faster than 5K, 200m easy

10-15’ CD jog

If you’re not in the mood for a recovery week do 2-3 sets of 1K, 2x400m.


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