H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – July 5th, 2021


We’re right in the middle of the  FiveBy5K challenge !  Workout volumes are low again- definitely keep them here whether you are racing or not if you have been following along.  Things will ramp up ASAP as we build toward our fall racing season..so enjoy the recovery while you can.

Once again, we’re including your strength session from physio Kayla Ng!

Workouts for the week:


15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

5′ tempo @ HM effort

5′ easy

3,2,1 @ 5K effort, 90s easy

Add a second set if you’r feeling motivated and healthy.

15 minutes easy CD


15-25 minutes WU jog

5x100m strides

2-3×7′ @ HM effort, 2′ asy

10-20 minutes CD jog

Strength Session from Kayla Ng:

Remember- these are generally good to complete 1-2x/week.  If you’re unsure of how to periodize this with the goals you have coming up, let me know.  Enjoy!

3 sets:
1. Back lunge and then step up (step onto a mid-shin height step, if possible, with the leg that you just stepped back with 10x/leg. Feel free to grab a weight in each hand for more resistance!
2. Hip abduction in standing. 12x/side. Stand and bring one leg out to the side to about 45*. Try to add some resistance by either adding a band or ankle weight
3. Single arm bicep curl and shoulder press 12x/arm
2 sets:
1. Side plank with a crunch! Lift the top arm above head and bring elbow to knee for a mini crunch while holding a side plank. 10 “crunches”/side
2. Front plank w/ a small weight 5-10lbs placed on your back for more resistance. Hold for 30s.


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