H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – May 9, 2022


Here’s what we have lined up…

May 11 @ 6AM: Track workouts start!

Anytime in May: H+P this MAY be MADNESS ultra 

June 13th- H+P Cycling TT #1 (7:00pm)

July 11th- H+P Cycling TT #2 (7:00pm)

July 30th– H+P Trackfest is BACK

August 15th- H+P Cycling TT #3 (7:00pm)

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (Summer Block 1- Week 2 0f 6)

Another semi-tough workout is on the way this week!


10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
5′ easy

2 sets of:
(5 @ 10K pace, 2′ @ 5K pace, 1 @ 5K + pace), 90s in between everything, 3′ in between sets

10-15′ CD


Hitting the track?  Do this!

10-15′ WU
2 laps of jog corners, stride the straights

2-3 sets of:
1K, 400, 400, 200m
(1K @ 10K pace, 400m @ 3K+  pace, 200m- just go hard) 200m easy in between reps, 400m in between sets

10-15′ CD


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