H+P VIRTUAL WEEK – May 2, 2022


Here’s what we have lined up…

May 11 @ 6AM: Track workouts start!

Anytime in May: H+P this MAY be MADNESS ultra 

June 13th- H+P Cycling TT #1 (7:00pm)

July 11th- H+P Cycling TT #2 (7:00pm)

July 30th– H+P Trackfest is BACK

August 15th- H+P Cycling TT #3 (7:00pm)

Running Workouts for the week:

H+P FULL VOLUME WORKOUT  (Summer Block 1- Week 1 0f 6)

A lot of the major spring racing is behind us, now it’s time to recover, and ease back into fitness.  We want to do just enough to build the legs up so they are ready for higher volume workouts come July as we prep for our major fall goals.  All that means slightly lower volume but still tough workouts for the next block! 


10-15′ WU
5x100m strides
5′ easy
5,4,3,4,5 @ 10K effort, 2′ easy (option to cut out the final 5′)
10-15′ CD

*Coming soon- track versions of this for next week!


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